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  • Stay with the action. Monitor live scores and Real-Time odds
  • Easy login to update your bets instantly
  • The best 3D slots with amazing jackpots to win
  • Quick, safe and convenient deposit, withdrawal and transfer fund options.
  • Flexible account management options even while on the go
  • Responsive layout for easy viewing
  • 24/7 Live support
  • Playtech slot games are now available in 12BET Mobile.

12BET Mobile App

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Available in iOS and Android now!

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NOTE: We don’t have any Apps in Android – Play Store or iOS- App Store to download.
Please be aware of scammers!


Available in Android now!

NOTE: We don’t have any Apps in Android – Play Store or iOS- App Store to download.
Please be aware of scammers!

Playtech Android Mobile App

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  1. Simply download the app
  2. Sign in with your existing credentials
  3. Start playing today


Opening your account with 12BET.com is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time.

Step 1

Visit http://smart.12bet.com , click on the Registration button in the Login page.

Step 2

Fill in your Personal Details, You will also be asked to read & accept the 12BET.com Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations.

Step 3

Once your registration is completed, you may immediately login, deposit and then start to place bets.


  1. Kindly click on "Bank Information" button for the latest deposit bank details to make a deposit.
  2. Upon successful deposit, please fill in banked in account details.
  3. Once submitted, deposit request will be verified and processed within 15 minutes.

* Upload file: You can now upload your deposit receipt of the following file formats .jpg .gif .png .PDF, and limit to a maximum of 1MB (1024 KB) in size.


  1. Kindly fill in your payout request details.
  2. Please ensure the information is accurate.
  3. We will process and transfer the Withdrawal Amount to your bank account.

Transfer Fund

  1. Kindly choose "Transfer Fund From" and "Transfer Fund To".
  2. Fill in the amount you wish to transfer.
  3. Click "Submit".


This innovation from 12BET was specifically designed for members who always chase schedules and are often away from their computer for personal or official reasons.

To strengthen its role in the wireless sports book market, 12BET is introducing the 12BET Mobile—an application that provides you with the convenience to manage your sports book account and betting activity using your smartphone. With this app, you can now place bets in Sportsbook and Casino, check account statement, and confirm balance any time, anywhere!


On your mobile browser, key in smart.12bet.com on the address bar and select your desired language.

Log In using your 12BET Username & Password and Validation code. Click Agree to enter.

* If you are a new member, please click on "Registration" button to register an account.


On the 12BET Mobile main page, you will find the application’s complete list of services and features. These items include:

  • Profile - Available Funds, Pending Funds in each wallets
  • Banking- Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfer Funds
  • Sports Betting - Enter to the Sports Odds: Single Bets, Parlay Bets, Number Game, Racing, and Virtual Sports. etc.,
  • Casino Clubs - 12Crystal Club, 12Ruby Clubs and 12Diamond Clubs
  • Promotions - Various of promotions offer in Sports, Virtual Sports, Casino, Number Game and Keno.
  • Settings
    • Account Management: Update Bank Details, Passwords, Language setting
    • History: View your history of deposit, withdrawal and transfer funds
    • Language: To select your preferred language
  • More Pages - Contact Us, About Us, Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations
  • Logout - Sign out from you 12BET player account


With our Sportsbook page you can bet in Single Bet and Parlay Bet.

Single Bets

  1. Tap on at left side menu or tap icon from Homepage.
  2. At the "Single Bet" tab, click on tournament/league and the sports matches will drop down.
  3. Tap on a match to view odds, then you choose your best odd fill your stake amount to place a single bet.

Parlay Bets

  1. In Sports Betting, tap then pick your betting odds at least 3 different matches.
  2. The number of selected odds will display at parlay tab.
  3. After you complete selecting your parlay bets list, then tab the then fill your stake amount then click to submit your betting



Tap menu to view your available funds.

My Bets

Tap menu to view your Running bets, Statement and Bets Result

Sports types menu

Tap menu to swap to other Sports types betting.

You can also swap to other products easily by tap on beside SPORTS tab.

Events sorted by date

Simply tap on icon to view by sorting Sports Events, Live, Today, Early, or specific date that suite to your betting.

Sports Odds Page Setting

In Sports Betting page. Tap on icon and side menu will appear.

  • My Account: Tab to view your available funds.
  • Statement: To view your Running bet, Statement and Result.
  • Settings: To set up your sports page display as below functions;
    • Username: Your login account username
    • Odds Type: To select your preferred betting odds,
      • Indo = Indonesian Odds
      • US = American Odds
      • Dec = Decimal Odds
      • MY = Malysian Odds
    • Customise Sports Priority: You can prioritize how to view each Sports type by just arrange them.
    • Default Stake: To set how much bet amount you mostly place on bets.
      • Last Bet: follow your last bet amount
      • Customise: customise to set your own bet amount.
      • Disable: to place bet amount everytime by your own desire
    • Customise Quick Bet: To set your Quick Bet bar shows in your place bet function.
      • Default: ordinary amount setting +100, +10 and +1
      • Customise: set other amount as you want
      • Auto Refresh Odds: tick in the box if you need auto refresh odds
      • Default Events Sorting: to sort your sports events by time or default setting
  • How to Use: the short preview to guide you how to use 12BET Mobile Site sports betting feature.

Favourite Leagues

Tab the blank on left-hand side of each sports leagues to add them to Favourite Leagues.

To view your Favourite Leagues in next time, simple tap on menu to display all favourite leagues you have selected.

Select Leagues To Display

You can simply determine which sports leagues to display, or hidden from your betting page. Simply tap on icon. And select which sports leagues to display or hide from your sport page.


12BET Mobile Betting offers several kinds of casino clubs for our members to enjoy the experience of gaming on your move.

To play casino games simply tap icon in Homepage and tap to choose your casino clubs you are about to win big. Here are casino clubs information;

12Crystal Club

If you are a fan of 3D slot games and haven"t tried out 3D Games, you can now have an extraordinary gaming experience by playing this club 3d slots online in your mobile.

Tap on to visit the games page, there are "Play" and "Try" icons

  • Play for Real money
  • Try the games with free credit

After you tap on a game your browser will pop-up another tab with game page and now you can spin your luck.

Game Functions

  • Tap here to know this game information and Game Paytable
  • Turn sound on/off
  • Tap one time for single spin, or Hold your finger for auto spins.
  • Game settings
  • Back to Game page

12Ruby Club

12Ruby Club offers an exciting range of Casino games including Slot Game and Table games for your fantastic gaming experiences.

Tap on to visit the games page, then it will bring you to the Game Lobby


  • Popular games most player played
  • The games you have played recently
  • All Table Games
  • All Slot Games
  • Your favorite games you have bookmarked star on it (Sample )


While you Tap on game icon to start your betting, each game may require you to rotate your device to fit the game screen either vertical or horizontal for your best gaming experience.


Tap on game icon to start your betting then platform will require you to rotate your device to fit the game style either vertical or horizontal.


  • Tap for betting limit game information.
  • Tap to view score board of the game.
  • Game settings, Back to Lobby, Sounds, Phone vibration, Bet Mode, etc
  • Your bet history in the game.


  • Game information and paytable
  • Game settings, Back to Lobby, Sounds, Phone vibration, Bet Mode, etc
  • Change bet amount per payline
  • Single spin button
  • Auto multiple spins set up


To check your 12Ruby betting statement on 12BET Mobile Betting

  • Go back to Sportsbook page and tap "My Bets" icon
  • Tap on "STATEMENT" tab and find your betting date and tap to drop down you bet list

12Diamond Club

Get the best selection of Slots games, Card game, Table game and Video poker at 12Diamond Club. Choose your best play to win huge from many game selection. You can now play on your mobile with no download required.

Card Game and Table Game

  1. Open a game and it will pop up another tab in your browser.
  2. Pick a chip value and place some of them at the bet side area.
  3. Tap Deal in card game or Spin in table game to start a game.
  4. In card game might need you to Hit/Double/Stand to act the game play.
  5. Game ends with win or lose.

In Baccarat

  • To start game with dealing cards.
  • To clear chip value on table or to change chip value before game starts.
  • To view history of recent games.
  • To bet new game with same latest bet amount.

In Blackjack

  • Take no more cards and remain current cards. (in blackjack game)
  • Take another card from the deck. (in blackjack game)
  • Double your bet amount for bigger win in that game.
  • If the first two cards have the same value, you can split them into two hands.
  • To bet the new game with recent bet amount.
  • To clear all chip or bet amount placing on table before game starts.

In Roulette

  • to start spinning roulette wheel.
  • clear recent bet to decide new bet range.
  • to zoom in or zoom out the table.
  • to start a new game.
  • To bet a new game with as same latest bet.

To play slot games in 12Diamond is easy and fun simply follow this guidelines.

  1. Open your slot game from 12Diamond club,
  2. and decide your bet amount per spin shows left side of slot reels.
  3. Tap the Spin button for single bet, or set Auto Spin for multiple bets.
  • To view basic information of the game such as Chip price, balance, game setting, paytable and help menu.
  • Tap to exit game and back to casino club.
  • You can determine your bet amount per line, and how many lines you desire by simply tap on the buttons.

*As sample image, meaning you bet 1 chip x 20 paylines = you spend 20 chip per each spin.

Spin Function:

  • Single Spin: tap on the circle arrow for single spin.
  • Auto Spin: to set up multiple spin such as, 5 times, 10 times, 20 times or auto spin until feature appears.
  • Bet Max: tap on Bet Max if you desire to spin for biggest winning of the game.

Welcome to 12WAP.mobi

We would like to introduce to you our WAP service at 12WAP.mobi, a service that let you place a bet, check balance and account statement on your WAP capable mobile phone anytime and anywhere!


12BET Mobile Betting is an easy to use mobile website that allows you to access 12BET anytime and anywhere straight from your mobile phone. Designed with a user friendly and comprehensive interface, members can now access 12BET Sportsbook and Casino from iOS, Android, Windows and etc platform.

You can then start placing the bets from your mobile device on almost all events and markets available on the main website, including the amazing range of in-play betting markets also various kinds of ultimate casino games.

12BET Mobile can also be used to deposit and withdraw money from your account, and there is much more you can ask for from a mobile betting venue.

12BET Mobile Betting can be accessed in two ways.

Option 1:
Enter any 12BET website such as http://smart.12bet.com and you will be redirected to 12BET Mobile Site automatically.

Option 2:
Scan the QR code below:


12BET mobile version displays an interface that’s closer to the actual website. It also offers more products and banking options than the WAP counterpart. As for WAP sports betting, it offers a simpler design with less image intensive content designed to work on everything from full-color to black-and-white cell phones.

12BET Mobile is compatible with a huge range of phones. We are constantly working to ensure more models are fully supported. You may contact our customer service for any problems you might have encountered while using our mobile site.

12BET Mobile platform is free to anyone with a 12BET account. The only charges are those applied by your mobile service provider for using their data services. For data charge information, please contact your mobile service provider.

Should there be connection disruption whilst using 12BET Mobile, you can resume using the site once the mobile signal is restored. Bets are not confirmed unless a bet receipt number has been displayed. You can also check all bets from the Statement section.

Yes. You can login to the mobile page from anywhere anytime!

Firefox browser:

  1. Enter “about:config” on URL bar
  2. Search for “dom.disable_open_during_load” setting and then set it as false.

Safari browser:

  1. Go into “Setting” on main menu
  2. Disable “Block Pop-ups” feature